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Family Law


Family Law / Matrimonial Law

We assist clients in the hard times often associated with divorce. We attempt to finalise the matter swiftly as to not expose our client to unnecessary emotional stress and inconvenience.

We attempt to keep the process short and uncomplicated, without compromising our client’s integrity and financial positions.

We can assist in the following areas pertaining to family and matrimonial law:

  • Unopposed divorces  – Where both parties have decided to see a divorce and wants to settle the matter in an amicable way. By way of settlement agreement we will attend to the matter in a swift manner.
  • Opposed divorces – We strive to support our client by carrying as much of their burden as possible. Our aim is to strike a balance between being stern and fair and attempt to secure the desired result for our client.
  • Maintenance – An in-dept assessment of the parties financial positions assist us in calculating the amount due for maintenance. By dealing with the maintenance aspect in this way, we eliminate the need to approach the courts on a regular basis.
  • Primary care and residence – Access and care of minor children and related issues are dealt with in a tactful and careful manner, but also with the best interest of the child(ren) in mind.

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