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Debt Recovery

Let us Help You Collect YOUR Money NOW!

Clients and tenants who do not pay! The daily headache of many business and rental property owners. You’ve provided a service or product to your client, you’ve invoiced for it, and now you’ve not been paid. What can you do?

It can be difficult for a business to recover outstanding debt, and there are numerous obstacles in the way. Coetzee Attorneys understands the legal requirements in collecting your outstanding debt and we will act professionally yet firmly on your behalf to start collecting YOUR money NOW!

We understand and take the following important points into consideration to help you in your debt collection requirements:

  • You don’t want to damage the relationship and jeopardize future orders with your client.
  • You are uncomfortable making collection phone calls or do not have trained staff capable of handling this process professionally and effectively.
  • You might be emotionally attached to the tenant/client.
  • You do not want to unnecessarily spend additional money on legal costs and fees.

With a solid reputation for our very high success rate, Coetzee Attorneys specialises in debt collection for our clients. We have adopted a tenacious and strict attitude when it comes to collecting your outstanding quickly and effectively. Ou policies, procedures and all debt recovery processes comply with the FAIS Act and any subsequent updates.

If you seem to have walked into walls when it comes to collection of your outstanding debt and if your internal processes have not been enough, you can call on Coetzee Attorneys to ensure a successful outcome.

Debtors often disregard letters of demand and phone calls from their creditors, but it has been proven that being contacted by an attorney’s office regarding outstanding debt is far harder to ignore. From our first point of contact to explain that we’re handling the debt recovery, the process involved and possibly a follow up visit or phone call if needed, we have found that most debtors will settle their outstanding accounts at this point, as they realise that their creditor and collection team will not simply just forget about them and write off their debt.

With expert knowledge and the latest technical advantages, we are able to track down even the most elusive subject and carry out successful debt recovery.

Debt Recovery

We will help you collect your money.
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Our Debt Recovery Services Include:

  • Personal contacting of each debtor with individual reporting on outcome as to ensure transparency and allow you to view progress at any point.
  • Letters, faxes and emails to debtors with statements.
  • Listing of default payers at the Credit Bureau.
  • Collection of outstanding debt
  • Reconciliation of accounts
  • Diarizing of clients files for follow up on payment dates
  • Allocation of payments to clients accounts
  • Issuing of letters to clients, once the accounts are paid in full
  • Make sure that the debtors name has been cleared on the Credit Bureau, once the account is paid up.

To find out more please feel free to contact us as we will be happy to discuss your needs for debt collection.

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